G Suite Configuration

G Suite is a set of Google tools such as email, calendar, document editing, and file storage. I can assist with migrating your email services from your old configuration (usually provided by your web hosting service) to G Suite. You will gain access to a full suite of robust Google services in addition to email. G Suite offers many useful security settings to protect your company's users and information.

Web host provided email service is usually difficult to manage or requires too much technical knowledge to setup securely and efficiently. G Suite's primary tool is Gmail; all of the convenience of Google's robust service powering your company's email.

Google Drive lets you store files and access them from any of your devices. Drive files are seamlessly integrated into your workflow; you can share files by simply sending a link!

G Suite offers powerful document editing tools including Docs, Sheets, and Slides. These allow you to collaborate with your staff on text, excel, and powerpoint documents from any of your devices.

Need to connect with your staff or a client remotely? G Suite includes Google Hangouts, allowing you to quickly perform video calls and screensharing.